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Red Oak Tax Lawyers

When filling out tax returns or other tax-related matters, the end goal is usually to keep taxation as low as possible and to avoid dealing with tax auditors, if possible. Whether you are filing returns, facing an IRS audit or dealing with another tax-related matter, your situation may benefit from the advice and counsel of a skilled tax lawyer.

At Billings & Mensen, based in Red Oak, we represent clients across southwest Iowa with a wide range of tax-related concerns. Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge to assist with even the most complex matters. This includes the following:

  • Tax audits
  • Penalties or interest owed for failure to pay taxes
  • Tax returns
  • Tax matters for farmers
  • Tax planning for retirement, selling of assets and as part of estate plans

For assistance with your tax matter, contact us for a free initial consultation.

Shenandoah Tax Audit Lawyers

If you are facing a tax audit, or even have complexities with regard to filing your tax returns, an attorney has the extensive knowledge required to guide you through.

Our Red Oak tax attorneys have the most up-to-date training and knowledge in tax return and audit preparation. We understand the various filing options and the benefits and consequences of each, and we can advise you on the best option for your situation.

Many clients appreciate our friendly but professional approach to their tax issues and come back to us each year for help with their returns. Additionally, attorney Brian Mensen was raised on a farm, and he has handled many tax matters for farmers, so he has knowledge of the particular concerns they might encounter.

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